Childbirth Preparation Series
4 Units Included
10 Hours of Content-Packed, Evidence-Based Childbirth Education
6 Lamaze Healthy Birth Principles
Mental and Emotional Preparedness For Birth
Comfort and Progress Techniques for You and Your Partner
The Physiology Of Birth
Birth Options, Interventions, Medical and Non-Medical Pain Relief Options
Kangaroo Care in the Sacred Hour After Birth
Becoming an Active Communicator and Decision Maker In Your Birth
Infant and Child CPR and Choking
Latest CPR Training for Infants and Older Children
Resolving Choking in Your Newborn and Older Child
Hands-On Practice With Dummy
Offered Once Out of Every 6 Weeks
Life as a New Family with a Newborn
Transitioning to Parenthood
Postpartum Maternal Healing
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Basic Newborn Care and Soothing Techniques
Newborn Cues and Communication
Your Baby’s Sleep and Your Sleep
Newborn Developmental Needs
Getting The Help You Need
Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding
Offered Once Every 6 Weeks

Your insurance provider or flexible medical spending account may reimburse you for the cost of childbirth classes.  You will receive a detailed invoice after signing up online to submit for reimbursement.

For the 4-Unit Childbirth Preparation Series, we do not offer individual pricing. You must pay for the course in its entirety. Just as you buy a dozen eggs, you buy these 4 units.  The remaining classes are offered at $50 per couple or per person.

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